Explore the Edgewood Museum

The Museum has reopened to the public after a year's hiatus with hours 9-noon every Saturday. Call the director to arrange a visit at almost any other time.  Masks are requested but are not required.

We have disconnected the rarely used land-line at the Museum to reduce operating costs.  Please use email or USPS for routine contact, but if it serves your needs better, a text or call to the number now listed on this site will connect you with the Museum director. 


The Edgewood Museum welcomes you to experience the local history of Edgewood, Iowa. Become a supporter today, or volunteer with our staff and learn more about what we do. We accept the donation of historical artifacts that tell or complement the story of Edgewood, Iowa. Get involved today!

Become a supporter today and learn more about what Edgewood has to offer.


Help volunteer with us in the restored historical Edgewood Feed Mill building.

Learn more about donating to the Edgewood Museum. We celebrate all things Edgewood.