The Edgewood Museum seeks donations of items of historic and cultural value, particularly as they apply to the Edgewood area. For the most part, we won’t know what we are looking for until it shows up at our doorstep. We do know there are many interesting items out there regarding the past, and particularly, Edgewood’s past, that should find a permanent home in the Museum. We especially seek the stories that go along with artifacts. Who owned it, what is special about it? For photos, who is in the photo, where and why was the photo taken? The stories about artifacts are what make a museum extraordinary. History is what happened yesterday, so artifacts need not be “ancient”! We hope to be an archive for old photos of families, buildings, events, and people of note (that would be everyone!), genealogy materials, letters and documents that detail life in a former time, and the like. And again, if there are stories to go along with these items, so much the better. We are especially interested in newspapers covering Edgewood prior to 1953–The Edgewood Journal and others.
If you have print materials or photos of historical interest that you just cannot part with now, please make arrangements to let us photocopy them.
For information on artifact donation, contact the museum at: