Newspapers of Edgewood’s Past

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There have been several newspapers that have served the citizens of Edgewood over time, though copies of many of the older ones have not survived. From the late 1890s through the mid 1930s, the “Edgewood Journal” kept readers abreast of local news. From the late 1930’s through 1952, there were a couple of attempts to reestablish a paper, but they did not succeed. During part of that time, the “Clayton County Press Journal” published in Strawberry Point included a page called “The Edgewood Department” that was devoted to Edgewood. In 1953, the Edgewood Commercial Club founded “The Edgewood Reminder,” which has continued to this day, though under private ownership since about 1975.

The Edgewood Museum, in association with the Clayton County Genealogical Society, has undertaken a project to make available to the public an online searchable collection of all known copies of Edgewood newspapers. The first phase of the work is completed, and contains limited editions of the “Edgewood Journal” from 1897-98, a fairly complete set of the “Edgewood Journal” from Sept. 1915 through Sept. 1928, and a complete set of the “Edgewood Reminder” from July of 1989 through June of 2016. Additional issues of the “Reminder” from 1953 through June of 1989 will be added to the database in the second phase which will begin later this year. We have come into possession of a few random copies of the “Edgewood Journal” that will also be added.